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Complete set of 65 Ford tail lights - include gaskets, seals, and surrounds.  Lights are dirty, but in exceptional shape.  Set priced at $80.00  
          Call : Bob Banger    573 204-1483


Pictured is a group of ignition wire and terminals that were used on many pre-1940 cars, and some after that time.  The wire is the stranded copper core, with rubber covering-no silicone, braided layer, etc.  The terminals are 90 degree, straight, and the terminal for the coil wire.  Back in the "geezer days", you made your own ignition wire cables with a pair of side cutters, and a pair of pliers.  Only component missing is called a "staple - a "U" shaped hard wire that was pushed into the end of the stranded copper wire core, and then wrapped under the terminal when it was crimped onto the cable - not necessary for a good cable set.
 Approximately 60' of cable left, and dozens of each ( 3 different styles ) terminal. All for $65.00   
          Call : Bob Banger    573 204-1483


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